Xi Zhi Wan-Second Generation

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Chinese Name:Xi Zhi Wan
About Xi Zhi Wan strong version: Specially formulated with the element of nourishment balance and dissolve fattiness:HVA,CHITIN, Aloe barbadensis Miller, HVA is a natural and special composition that it is extracted from MYSORE which come from the south Asia. It including the composition of weight reducing, directionally regulates the fat o accumulate and decomposition. Quickly decompose excrescent fat.
Main ingredient:HVA,Exract of Aloe barbadensis Miller,Extract of Samba fruit,Extract of IVY, Extract of evening primrose, Extract of pine needle, Vitamin.
Suited age group:beyond 16 and below 65
Dosage & Usage: 1-2 capsule each time before the meal, 2 times daily. 
Specification:500 mg * 60 pills/bottle
Attention: Not applicable for woman in pregnancy and attention should be paid for person with a cardiovascular disease and apoplexy history.
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