Sulilight Natural Capsule-Lose 20 Pounds One Month

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Sulilight Natural Slimming Capsule-Best herb fruit weight loss formula works within a week
Herb fruit weight loss formula 
Various vitamins and dietary fiber
Fast acting fat burning and expelling 
Without dieting to lose weight
Health safe no side effect
Easily taking, one capsule per day
About Sulilight Natural Diet Capsule: Sulilight is made from essences extracted from a variety of fruits and vegetables based on cold extraction technology, natural and pollution free. The fat burning factor extracted from fruits and vegetables(cla, citrus Polyphenols, lemon acid, chitin, etc)contains unique lipophilic fiber structure, lipophilic fibers with targeting characteristics, like missiles, like to automatically track the fat, and tightly bound with fat, so efficiency fully burn fat.
Sulilight capsules can easily change obese people into a slender people who do not have to deliberately go on a diet,do not force yourself to change the eating habits,freely to establish a health and thin diet, so slim down remain slim figure.
Sulilight capsules also contain 20 vitamins including vitamin b, vitamin c,dietary fiber,carotenoids and other nutrients which are essential to maintain the body's metabolism. It can promote human metabolism, create tremendous heat,make the body's metabolic cycle high speed running.
Main Ingredient: 
Serving size: 1 capsule 
Essence of fruits and vegetables                150mg
Garcinia Cambodia                          55mg
Roselle                                 55mg
Lotus leaf                               30mg
Radix astragali                            30mg
licorice                                 20mg
Starch                                  10mg
Advantages of the Sulilight capsules:
1,health, safe, no side effects. Use of natural plant extracts such as green plants potent weight,loss factor extract, it can adjust intestinal function, promote fat metabolism, decompose and promote the toxins exclusions, add no any artificial hormones and chemical composition.
2,fast acting to lose weight. Do not consume energy through  vigorous exercise to lose weight.
3, No rebound. According  to the mechanism of fat, it can inhibit fat synthesis rate, accelerate the rate of fat metabolism,regulation of fat storage from the fundamental balance and break down, prevent rebound.
4, Directed to lose weight. Powerful targeted to reduce excess body fat, particularly it can reduce the human waist, abdomen, thighs, neck and excess fat with rapid decomposition.
5, Detoxification and beauty. It can make people not appear tiredness, malaise, skin deterioration phenomenon due to the energy weight loss capsules dietary fiber with discharge of intestinal toxins and constipation relief effect. Also various virtuous vitamin can nourish skin health.
Usage: Take it orally 30 minutes before the breakfast, 1 pills each time,only once a day.
Specification: 50 capsules/box
Valid: 24 month


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